Training Zone

Whether you're new to the open water or an experienced open swimmer, we're here to support you every stroke of the way, with training plans from Swim Open, training videos and top tips from our friends at Outdoor Swimmer!

Training Plans

Check out our training plans, which have been written by Swim Open, who specialise in open water swimming coaching. 

These are designed to equip you with the skills, confidence and adequate fitness levels to tackle your open water swim. If you follow the plan applicable to your challenge distance, which features training in both pool and open water environments, then you’ll be more than ready for your swim!

Open Water Swimming Guides

From waves and currents, to water temperature, clarity and quality, open water is very different to your local swimming pool. Outdoor Swimmer have produced two guides on how to make the transition from pool to pond, how to choose your first outdoor swim and what to expect the first time you take your swimming outdoors.


Check out our Open Water Swimathon videos with top tips from Wild Swimming Brothers. Also get a feel for what it's like to take part in Open Water Swimathon at London Royal Docks.

Top Tips from Outdoor Swimmer

Get your training off to a great start with these tips from Outdoor Swimmer on technique, training, exercise, nutrition and health!

1. Technique

Outdoor Swimmer - Efficient Body Position

In this article, we are going to look at the most efficient body position. When we ask the question: “What’s the most efficient position for your body to be in the water?” we always get the same answer – “streamlined!” This is of course correct and we are ultimately aiming for our bodies to be in a straight line as close to the surface of the water as possible. Why? Because we will be causing less drag in the water.

Outdoor Swimmer - Sport psychology consultant Helen Davis outlines some strategies to tackle anxiety when racing

You have just started a race and it's chaos. Flailing limbs inadvertently hit you, arms are pounding on top of you and you are unable to get into a rhythm. You turn to breathe and get a face full of water and a whack on the head. Your wetsuit suddenly feels tight and your heart is thumping.

2. Training and Exercises

Outdoor Swimmer provide tips on how to get through your swim, even if your preparation is less than ideal

Firstly, don’t panic! Clearly, it’s less than ideal to have an upcoming outdoor swim that you haven’t trained for but it doesn’t mean you can’t do the event and have a great time. Remember, however unprepared you are, there will almost always be someone who’s done even less than you. For a start, you’ll have the advantage of having read this!

3. Nutrition and Health

Outdoor Swimmer - How to Fuel Your Swim

What you eat and when has a huge impact on your performance in the water. Here sports nutritionist Kathy Findlay gives you the low down on when, what and how much fuel you need for your swims so you can dedicate your time to perfecting your stroke and training for a summer of events and challenges.

Outdoor Swimmer - Understanding Protein

​​The importance of protein and the question as to whether extra protein is necessary for sporting performance is a much debated topic amongst scientists, athletes and their coaches . Protein is associated with power and strength and is the major constituent of muscle.